Willis Carrier's Weathermaker Was Much More Practical.

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How air conditioning changed the world

Air conditioning units Image caption Willis Carrier was quick InventHelp review to see the wider potential of his humidity-controlling invention Buffalo Forge was soon selling Willis Carrier's invention wherever humidity posed problems, such as to flour mills and the Gillette corporation, where excessive moisture rusted the razor blades. These early industrial clients didn't much care about making temperatures more tolerable for their workers - that was an incidental benefit. Image caption Carrier's original drawings for the system he designed for Sackett & Wilhelms But by 1906, Carrier was exploring the potential for "comfort" applications in public buildings like theatres. It was an astute choice. Historically, theatres often shut down for summer: no windows, human bodies tightly packed together and, before electricity, lighting provided by flares. New England ice had been briefly popular. In the summer of 1880, New York's Madison Square Theatre used four tons a day: an eight-foot fan blew air over the ice and through ducts towards the audience. Unfortunately, though cool, the air was also damp, and with pollution increasing in New England's lakes, the melting ice sometimes released unpleasant smells. Willis Carrier's "Weathermaker" was much more practical. The general public first experienced air conditioning in the burgeoning movie theatres of the 1920s, and it quickly became as much of a selling point as the films.

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Elmwood School hosting summer invention camp

Elmwood School hosting summer invention camp By Millbury-Sutton Chronicle | on May 25, 2017 Camp Invention, a nationally recognized, nonprofit summer enrichment camp program, is coming to Elmwood Street School from July 31 to Aug. 4. Camp Invention is a program of the National Inventors Hall of Fame — a nonprofit organization dedicated to recognizing inventors and invention, promoting creativity, and advancing the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship — and supported by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). What makes this camp truly unique is that the curriculum is inspired by some of the nation’s most brilliant minds — the Inductees of the National Inventors Hall of Fame. For students entering kindergarten through sixth grade, Camp Invention is a weeklong adventure that turns the summer from ordinary to extraordinary through hands-on problem solving, collaboration, and the use of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). “Parents should InventHelp inventions send their children to Camp Invention because it encourages children to think, solve and create!” said Tracy M., mother of three campers. “Teamwork is encouraged while individual strengths are fostered. My children gained a deeper love for science and engineering, confidence to try new and innovative ideas, made new friendships, and learned new science vocabulary and concepts.” This year’s fresh, action-packed Camp Invention curriculum features several hands-on modules: Duct Tape Billionaire: Campers design duct tape products they can market and sell to mock investors; Have a Blast: Children build high-tech Bubble Blasters and compete as a team in friendly air battles that use physics to boost their advantage; Mission Space Makers: Teams hatch eggs, sprout living plants and grow crystal trees, all while on a mission to locate and prepare a new planet for human habitation; and Operation Keep Out: Camp InventHelp invention service rs learn to reverse engineer old machines and devices, and use their parts to create the ultimate Spy Gadget Alarm Box. All local Camp Invention pro rams are facilitated and taught by certified educators who reside and teach in the community.

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